Thanksgiving Foods That Start With K

Thanksgiving is when friends and family gather to share a meal and give thanks. 

The most popular thanksgiving dishes are turkey, and you can also find it, and while they’re well-known, other less-known dishes are delicious and deserve a place on the table. 

This blog post will walk you through delicious Thanksgiving dishes that start with k, from classics like kale salad and egg whites to less-known options like knishes (sold by street vendors) to help you add variety to your menu.

Thanksgiving Foods That Start With K

Here’s a list of some dishes that start with k that you can incorporate into your Thanksgiving menu:

1. Kale Salad

Kale salad will light up your Thanksgiving menu because it has red, white, green, and orange colors. It’s the perfect blend of acidity and sweetness and has a rustic flavor and texture. 

Kale salad is affordable, and its toppings elevate its taste — throw in a few apple slices, and you’ll be good to go.

2. Kidney Beans

Kidney beans were initially discovered in Mexico and Central America but are now enjoyed in different parts of the world. 

They’re called kidney beans because they resemble a human kidney and are the perfect accompaniment to any thanksgiving dish. Some people may also call them red beans because they come in two colors; light and dark red. 

 Nevertheless, you should prepare them well to avoid any stomach discomfort.

3. Kim Chi

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish (though it can also be found in Southern India) comprising fermented veggies, primarily radish, and cabbage. The dish is flavorful and rich in vitamins, and it’s the perfect meal for those who want to try something new.

4. Kombu

Kombu is a seaweed that’s primarily used in Japanese cuisine. It’s also popular in China and Korea and goes by the names Haidai (Chinese) and dasima (Korea).

5. Kalettes

Kalettes are kale sprouts created by a breeding process combining Brussels sprouts and kale.

Kalettes are nutritious and have elements that make them a healthy addition to your Thanksgiving menu.

6. Kishke

This popular Jewish dish consists of beef intestine casings stuffed with veggies, meat, and matzo meal. Kishke is a good option if you’re looking to add a new dish to your menu. 

7. Knishes

This conventional Jewish dish can be enjoyed as an appetizer or a side dish. 

Knishes are dumplings filled with meat, sweet potatoes, or other vegetables (such as sweet potato) and are usually deep fried or baked and can be eaten with various dipping sauces, like tomato sauce (a table condiment) and sweetened soy sauce (made using palm sugar) and other ingredients besides the main ingredients. 

Sweetened soy sauce originated from Indonesia and looks similar to maple syrup. 

8. Kolachkes

This is one of the foods beginning with the letter “K” made of dough filled with chocolate, cheese, and fruit and is popular in Eastern European countries. Kolachkes is an excellent dessert option and can be enjoyed solo or with whipped cream.

9. Kugel

This traditional Jewish casserole consists of cheese, salted and fermented vegetables, and eggs, and it’s a popular side dish that can be enjoyed cold or hot.

10. Kishka

Kishka is a blood, fat, flour, and beef intestine sausage.  It’s popular in Eastern Europe, and it’s a hearty and delicious addition to any Thanksgiving table 

11. Käsekrainer

This sausage is made from veal, pork, and beef and filled with cheese. Käsekrainer is popular in Australia and can be the perfect dish to incorporate into your Thanksgiving menu 

12. Kreplach

This is a traditional Jewish dumpling dish made using dough filled with veggies or meat and is usually served as a main course or in soup.

13. Kasha

Kasha is a buckwheat grass porridge and is popular in Eastern Europe. It’s hearty and filling, making it the perfect addition to Thanksgiving meals.

14. Kvass

This is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from rye or black bread. It’s popular in Eastern Europe and filled with probiotics, making it a healthy Thanksgiving meal option.

15. Kielbasa

Kielbasa (any meat sausage from Poland) is made from veal, beef, or pork popular in Eastern Europe.

16. Key Lime Pie 

Key lime pie crust is a traditional dessert, mostly loved by native Americans, and prepared from key lime juice, egg yolks, and some sweetened condensed milk. While it is commonly baked in a pie crust, some also love it in a graham cracker crust

This dessert that start with “K” is incredibly decent, but it may not provide the ultimate health benefits if you’re on a diet plan. However, key lime pie will still offer some health advantages. 

17. Kaffir Lime

Unlike the regular lime, the Kaffir lime is a citrus fruit generally accepted food beginning with “K” by the Southern China natives’. Its fruit and leaves can be leveraged to make essential oils, so you have a new idea of how to make them. 

Both the fruit and its leaves are essential to Asian cooking, making Kaffir lime an excellent option for a Thanksgiving food that start with the letter K. 

18. King Crab 

King crab is one of the most delicious crustaceans, with a wonderful taste, just like lobster meat. King crabs offer many benefits, such as omega-3 fatty acids and some unsaturated fats. 

19. Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao chicken is one of my favorites and is usually so simple to make. I usually have it with veggies, peanuts, and some chili peppers. I have only homemade it once but tasted it in one of my favorite Southeast Asio restaurants. However, the restaurant-prepared one usually contains Sichuan peppercorns. 

20. Kipper 

Kipper is an oily small fish (butterflied through the dorsal ridge) with a vinegar-like and salty flavor. In most cases, it is cold smoked over woodchips to give it a molasses like flavor. 

21. Kingfish 

Kingfish is one of the most overlooked dishes, yet one of the best Thanksgiving foods. It is also sometimes called King Mackerel and is mostly caught in the Atlantic ocean. You can try out other fish and see how it goes; it’s all about trying new things, right? 

22. Kimchi 

Kimchi is a common food, usually prepared with Korean radish and napa cabbage. For a first-timer having this meal, you’ll probably not love it because of its tangy flavor. However, you’ll get the acquired taste after you have tried it a couple more times. 

23. Kiwi Berries

Many may mistake kiwi berries for kiwi fruits, but they are slightly different. They are smaller, and you can eat them whole without worrying about choking (just a fan fact). But even with their size, most people still love kiwi berries sliced and not taken whole. 

24. Kosher Pickles

Kosher pickles look just like dill pickles — the only difference is that they have garlic which is absent in dill pickles. It is a traditional way to make pickles, though it doesn’t sit well with the Jewish dietary law. 

25. Kirsch 

Kirsch is a drink made from fermenting Morello cherries. However, this drink is now made from different types of cherries. 

26. Ketembilla

Ketembilla is also called Ceylon gooseberry mostly found in Southern India. It has a sweet and acidic taste that will light up your Thanksgiving celebrations.

What Vegetable Or Fruit Starts With K?

Here’s a list of fruits and vegetables (or other greens) that start with K that you can include in your Thanksgiving menu:

1. Kabocha Squash

Also called Japanese pumpkin, Kabocha squash is a popular Japanese squash loved globally. It belongs to the same family as buttercup, Hubbard, and turban squash.

It’s knobby-looking, has dark-green skin, and it’s similar in shape to the squat sugar pumpkin.

Kabocha is known for its sweet flavor and is sweeter than butternut squash. It has a sweet fluffy texture making it perfect for pureeing or pounding.

2. Kai Lan

This is a green leafy vegetable commonly used in stir fried Chinese restaurants. Kai Lan looks like kale with its long green leaves and no blossom heads.

It’s usually used in Chinese dishes, and while it’s not as nutritious as Western veggies, it’s a good source of iron, calcium, and vitamins A and C.

3. Kiwi Fruits

Kiwi fruits are tasty fruits that can be enjoyed while raw. To eat kiwi fruit, peel and slice it with a paring knife and use a spoon to scrape the flesh. 

The fruit’s skin has fiber and minerals, which is why they’re so popular. Don’t eat a kiwi fruit after it has stayed long since they have enzymes acting as food tenderizers.

4. Kohlrabi

Also called turnip cabbage (German turnip), Kohlrabi is a vegetable that’s part of the Brassica oleracea species. It’s in the same family as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and kale.

People usually eat the entire plant (including the leaves) raw, just like broccoli stems. Kohlrabi tastes like broccoli, turnips, and cabbage; its flesh is white with a peppery and sweet flavor.

Kohlrabi is an excellent potassium, vitamin C, and fiber source, and its low-calorie count makes it perfect for weight loss.

5. Kumquats

This is a small, oval citrus fruit that’s eaten whole. Kumquats have thin and tart skin, and are an excellent vitamin C source. They are also used to make jellies and marmalades. 

6. Kyuri

Kyuri is a type of cucumber that’s popular in Japan. It has a light-green color and thin skin and is often used in salads. Kyuri is an excellent vitamin k and C source with high water content.

7. Kabosu

This is an oval citrus fruit similar to sudachi and Yuzu with a bumpy surface and yellow-green skin.

Its flesh is acidic, and the juice is used as seasoning in various dishes, and it’s also used to make jellies and marmalades. 

8. Kaki

Kaki is a Japanese term for persimmon, a fruit with an astringent yet sweet taste.

It’s an excellent fiber and vitamin source, and it can be eaten fresh or used in cooking or making jellies and jams 

9. Kamo Eggplant

This eggplant variety is popular in Japan, and it’s long and has purple skin. Komo eggplants have a mild flavor compared to other plants and are an excellent Vitamin A, C, and fiber source.

10. Karatetsu

This is a winter melon popular in Japan with white stripes and green skin. It has white flesh and a refreshing and sweet taste. 

It’s used as a decoration in soups and salads and is an excellent vitamin B6 and C source.

11. Kudzu 

One thing I like about this Thanksgiving time food is that you can eat the vine tips, flowers, roots, and even leaves — that is basically everything in the Kudzu plant! 

What Breakfast Foods Starting With K?

A tasty and healthy breakfast meal is the perfect way to start your day; let’s look at some good breakfast options that start with a specific letter, K:

1. Krispy Kreme

These doughnuts are one of the most popular breakfast options. They’re produced by an American firm that produces various beverages and foods. 

Nothing beats Krispy Kreme’s traditional glazed donut, that’s ranked first on the breakfast menu.

2. Kelloggs Cornflakes

Cornflakes were made to provide a healthy and readily digestible breakfast alternative that appeals to various breakfast enthusiasts. 

Cornflakes are eaten with reduced-fat milk, and while it’s not the healthiest breakfast option, it’s an excellent fiber source.

3. Kenny’s Krazy Kreme Bacon

Bacon is always a great breakfast option, especially if it’s from Kenny’s Krazy Kreme. Their bacon is marinated in a secret recipe (some people share recipes online) with spices like chili pepper and brown sugar. And just a heads up — try out the bacon-wrapped green beans!

4. KitKat

Kit Kat is a popular chocolate bar wafer biscuit manufactured by Nestle. The classic Kit Kat consists of dark chocolate and milk.

5. Kippers

Kippers fileted smoked and gutted herring that can be eaten cold or hot. They’re a popular breakfast option in the UK (with an acquired taste) and are usually eaten with tea, toast, and hard boiled eggs. 

6. Kedgeree

This dish consists of curry spices, hard boiled eggs, smoked fish (or flaked fish), curry powder, and boiled rice. It originated in India and is usually served for lunch or breakfast.

7. Kettle Corn

Maybe you already know kettle corn, or it’s your first time hearing about it. Well, kettle corn is a renowned sweet type of popcorn, usually seasoned with sugar and has a salty flavor. It was traditionally made in cast iron kettles, hence the name “kettle corn.”

What Food Starts With K In India?

India is home to thousands of dishes, and among them are great dishes that begin with the letter K.  Let’s have a look:

1. Kachumber Salad

Kachumber is a basic crunchy salad with fresh dressing that you can serve with burritos, burgers, and tacos or as a dip with french fries.

The salad is seasoned with chili powder, salt, and cumin, and you can also add fresh herbs such as cilantro and mint.

2. Keema

This is a minced lamb curry with peas and sauce, with maybe, sweet soy sauce — feel free to add some chili peppers. It’s Cooked with coriander, cardamom, tomatoes, and onions at low temperature to make a flavourful meal.

Keema is inexpensive and goes well with pilau rice, Bombay potatoes, and Peshwari naan. You can also spice up the dish by adding chili or use it in any side dishes of your choice.

3. Kachori

This popular Indian dish consists of a wheat jacket with moong dal inside. Kachori is a vegan dish and also doesn’t have nuts or soy.

4. Kanji

This healthy beverage is popular in Northern India and is similar to kombucha even though it’s created using a different technique.

It’s beneficial to the stomach since it aids digestion and has probiotics. The drink is made with black carrots, and it’s dark purple.

What Does K Mean On A Menu?

The letter k doesn’t have a distinct meaning and can’t stand alone on a menu. 

Nevertheless, it can be used to symbolize various dishes offered across the globe. Some of the best dishes in the world start with k, including kanji, Kimchi, kebab, and kachori.


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